$20 Amazon Code Giveaway

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$20 Amazon Code Giveaway

$20 Amazon Code Giveaway—I am so thankful to be able to offer this giveaway to celebrate reaching 500 fans on Facebook for SophaJonesMom! It begins at midnight on 12/1/12 and ends at midnight 12/4/12!!

We are giving away $20 dollars worth of Amazon codes! What better time than now right before the holidays? Make sure you head over and tell SophaJonesMom Congratulations!! We all appreciate our fans and want to give you a chance to win!!

$20 Amazon Code

Thanks to each and everyone of you for helping me get SophaJonesMom up and running! And also, a special thanks to Fuggs and Foach for helping to sponsor this giveaway. Please check out her page here! Make sure you like these wonderful pages!! Get entered to win as well!! You never know when you will get lucky!! Good luck!!  Heidi

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  1. says

    Any gift codes, gift cards, paypal giveaways anything like that I give to my disabled mother. She cannot leave the house and doesn’t make very much money so I give her any money type wins I get, I’ve only won one other money giveaway but I fully plan on giving them all to her. I love my mother so much <3 Thanks for this giveaway.

  2. Danielle Hull says

    I’d keep it in my account until I saw some toy at a great price that my kids can’t live without! Haha!

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