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The Uglee Pen Review

The Uglee pen  was invented by Dr. James Lee over the course of 8 years.  While he was in medical school his hand would cramp because of the amount of writting he did. So he started his hobby of trying to make the most ergonomically correct pen that was comfortable to use.  I have spent… Read More »



Reviews I love doing reviews and giveaways for companies.  I get to try some new and great products and let you all have a chance to win them as well.  Feel free to stroll through the past and current reviews and giveaways.    Thee ones on this page are from a years back.  I’m working on… Read More »

happy friday

Friday Funday

Today has been a good day here on the SMSL home front!! We have gotten several things done like laundry and yard work.  Not that either one is ever done, but you know what I mean. I’ve gotten a little acquainted with WordPress blogging and lets just say its a good thing you all are… Read More »