Fit Moms for Life Review

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Fit Moms for Life Review

Being physically fit has never been an easy task for me.  I’ve always been overweight since being a teenager, so its been a lifelong battle for me.  I have never “liked” excercise, don’t eat a lot of junk food but have always struggled with my weight and how I looked.  When I got the opportunity to review Dustin Maher’s Book Fit Moms for Life I decided, what did I have to lose?

I quickly learned that my mind set had a lot to do with why I am overweight, which subconsciously I already knew.  I just had to face the music so to speak and make myself accountable.  I love that Dustin shared success stories from others that have been successful in using his program all of the way through the book.  It worked as motivation in its own way because if someone else can do it, I can too right?

I loved how he broke it down into manageable sections so that it didn’t feel overwhelming when you are trying to get healthy.  It’s all about becoming a “Fit Mom”, Changing your mind-set as well as your body, goal setting and being real with yourself.  As well as including places where you could write your progress down such as 10 year goals, positive affirmations, diet tracking, and a chart you can record your progress on.

While I wish I could say I am able to do everything Dustin Maher talks about in his book Fit Mom’s for Life, I’m not at that point yet.  However, I’m working on it and I am still on the right track so the book has helped me more than I had thought.  I would encourage everyone to get their lives back on the healthy track and read “Fit Moms for Life” for encouragement, motivation and a tool to help you get started.
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The product in this post were given to me in exchange for my review/opinion by Fit Moms for Life.  Even though this product was provided to me at no cost, I only personally recommend products that I think will be good for myself and readers. Thanks to Fit Moms for Life for allowing me to review this great product.


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