Halloween games

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Halloween games

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As a classroom teacher I have spent countless hours trying to help parents come up with the perfect classroom or Halloween party.  I had one parent that was amazing at Halloween games one year and those included a pumpkin bean bag toss.  It is so simple to make up and easy to do and the kids always had a blast.

Get two plastic pumpkins or buckets like the kids use for Halloween trick or treating.  Make some bean bags out of Halloween material filled with corn, beans, rice, or popcorn.  Then divide evenly into two teams.  Whichever team finishes making all of the buckets first wins the prize.  Or you can assign a point value for each time the bean bag hits the bucket and the first team to a set number wins.  You can even purchase bean bags if you aren’t a person who sews either way is easy and relatively cheap.

Another game she did as well was a Hay Bag Treasure Hunt. Since we live in a farming community the kids always loved this one as well.  Grab some cheap prizes, a black trash bag (or pumpkin leaf bags) and some hay/straw and you are almost ready!! Put layers of toys/prizes in with the hay and blindfold the kids to make it a little more challenging.  Spin them around and have them set off to find their prize and of course the bag.  They had a blast digging through the hay to find their “prizes” and the leftovers she donated to the teacher for classroom prizes.  It was the perfect  game that took a little more time than you would think.

Here are some other great games to help you get your creative juices flowing just in time for your upcoming Halloween parties!

Ghost Bottle Bowling using recycled water bottles, cotton balls and of course a pumpkin ball to have an easy and fun game!

Vampires at Dark is a game that can be used with the  family or even a classroom full of kids!

Spider Invasion is a great challenge for some kids and would be perfect at family parties!

Pumpkin Golf using a jack-o-lantern and your kids plastic golf clubs you will have the perfect game in little time!

Pin the Wart on the Witch using Hershey’s® Kisses and a witch poster instead of pin the tail on the Donkey!

Witch Pitch Perfect for classroom parties!

Don’t Eat Frank Another fun classroom party idea, print the game cards, grab some candy and you are ready to go!

Bobbing for Donuts Tie donuts to a string, hang in the doorway and see if they can catch the donut.

Spider Web Walking Game– This would be the perfect gym room activity and lots of classrooms could use it!

Skully the Skeleton Like Elf on the Shelf only you use a skeleton! Perfect for getting the kids into the Halloween spirit!

What other Halloween games do you play?
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  1. Amy B says

    The spider web walking game souns like a perfect game to play outside too! seasonal but not especially halloween so we can us it at our school!

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