Kayla’s Bulk Coupon Inserts

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Kayla’s Bulk Coupon Inserts 


Kayla’s Bulk Coupon Inserts still provides a great service, offering you Bulk coupon inserts at a hugely discounted price!!! I have never personally ordered from her, but these prices are amazing.

One of our readers Charity DeBack said this about this insert service.
“I am impressed with their business. Not only did I get the inserts for a great price but they were also here rather quickly. So I will probably be doing more “shopping” there in the future. If the prices stay the same or reasonable. A definite recommend from me.”  


I used to buy lots of inserts via the Sunday paper, but the one thing I noticed is that I was buying things that I didn’t necessarily use or need.  I was saving money, but the amount of products I was buying and not using was starting to be a little overwhelming.  I’ve learned a lot of things over the last few years about couponing, bulk coupon inserts and savings in more realistic ways. 

  1. Buying coupons in bulk could be considered fraud. 
  2. Coupons state, “Void if sold, exchanged, or transferred.”
  3. You need to know exactly who you are buying from and make sure they are reputable. 
  4. If the company is reputable and gets the inserts legally, then it is ultimately up to you what you do. 
  5. I think that it boils down to an ETHICAL decision.  Is it ethical to sell bulk inserts? Is it ethical to buy bulk inserts?  

You be the judge of that situation and do what you think is right for yourself and your situation.  But when in doubt always go with your gut and remember to coupon ethically!

Here are some links to allow you to print your own coupons! 



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