The Best of Clean Eating 2 Review

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The Best of Clean Eating 2

Improving Your Life One Meal at a Time


I was asked to write a review of “The Best of Clean Eating 2 recipe book.”  I want to start off saying I have not made all the recipes in this book but I will share my experience with you on the ones I have so far.

My first recipe I tried for my family and myself was Inside Out Cheese Sliders.  I started with this because my family as well as many others I assume hear the words health food and instantly think no taste.  Well these were a hit!!!!  Not only was it healthy for us but very fulfilling and a change from and ordinary hamburger.  I give these recipe 2 thumbs up.

The next recipe I tried was an afternoon snack for my 2 children ages 7 and 2.  For this I made Banana Roll-ups.  I was leery of how this would turn out since my 7-year-old doesn’t really care for cream cheese.  But surprisingly she ate them without too much protesting.  There are enough other flavors and textures (it’s the texture that gets to her) that she didn’t mind and even said she would gladly eat them again.  This recipe also gets 2 thumbs up in our house.

Chocolate Banana Freezer Pie was also made.  This was super simple to make.  I would only give this 1 thumb up but I was trying something new.  I usually don’t care for banana and chocolate mixed together but it’s wasn’t too bad.  I am just not sure what it was missing.

I plan on making more on these wonderful recipes after a run to the grocery store.  What I especially liked about these is the majority of the recipes called for everyday pantry items.  Some diet recipes cook books ask for what I consider exotic ingredients but these were just ordinary everyday items most people have on hand.  Also I like how there are tips and tricks periodically though out the book on how to prepare certain food items.  This covers from how to cut certain fruits/vegetables and what you can switch with what to making a dish to your liking.

Over all I would give this book 2 thumbs up and suggest to anyone to look up and try some of the great tasting recipes included.

 I would like to thank The Best of Clean Eating 2 for allowing me to review this book.The prod­uct in this post were given to me in exchange for my review/opinion by The Best of Clean Eating 2. Even though this prod­uct was pro­vided to me at no cost, I only per­son­ally rec­om­mend prod­ucts that I think will be good for myself and read­ers. Thanks to The Best of Clean Eating 2 for allow­ing me to review these great products . 

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