TigTagz ID Bracelet for Kids Review

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 TigTagz ID Bracelet for Kids Review

The TigTagz ID Bracelets for Kids was such a fun one for my kids to try out! The instructions on the package are so simple!  You pick your bracelet, write the phone number on it with a permanent marker, peel an adhesive strip, and stick the two ends together at the appropriate lengths.
We put them on in the evening, and they took their baths with them.  To my amazement, the TigTagz didn’t fade, they didn’t rip, and the phone number that I had just put on with the marker was still there and very vivid.  I put them through the bath in them because I was thinking these would work really great to put on the kids when we go to amusement parks, water parks, or to the pool.  It actually took a full three days of continuous wear for the bracelets to begin to fade.  All in all, I was totally impressed with the ease of using these, and the quality of the product! They are something I would defiantly buy for a vacation with the kids!
I also love that they can be customized for children that have allergic reactions to items.  My nephew Maverick is allergic to cashews so I understand the importance of getting health care in emergency situations.  These bracelets could save a kids life which is worth their weight in gold!!
Check them out on Facebook and on their blog here.

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